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Everyday Jesus Art

Christa Bodensteiner

By Christa Bodensteiner

Christa is one of the Martha’s House volunteers. She spends time at Martha’s House whenever possible and she encourages the residents by sharing from her own experiences and life struggles. Most importantly, Christa shares her faith in Christ, and her testimony of how He has led her to wholeness and joy.

Christa is a local Golf Professional and photography is one of her favorite hobbies. For years she has been adding scripture to her original photography and giving her creations to family and friends. She calls it “Every Day Jesus Art” because she believes Jesus makes His Presence abundantly known every single day through the beauty God has lovingly created around us.

After much encouragement, Christa has decided to sell her art creations. Her desire in sharing her photography is to help others see more of Jesus every day. Her prayer is that His Presence will become more visible in every home that her works enter.

Every Day Jesus Art” is available prints, magnets, and special greeting cards. The Martha’s House residents help assemble the prints and greeting cards.

All proceeds from “Every Day Jesus Art” benefit the Martha’s House Ministry.

For more information and to find out where “Every Day Jesus Art” is sold, please contact Christa at 843-455-0455 or e-mail her at

Christa Bodensteiner